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first rule of fight club

  1. no fightin!…shakira shakiraaa

It’s crazy thinking about how invested I was, in the past. I look back and see you were never who I thought you were, and I didn’t like the person I used to be. But now I’m in a different situation, and I’m thinking about years down the roads and the person I like now. I don’t see myself regretting you. It’s all been for the right reasons. You haven’t made me into a bad person, you’ve taken me out of my comfort zone, brought back things in my life I used to enjoy, have made me feel, feel all sorts of things and love being one of them. You’ve  treated me well in this crazy thing we’re in. You’ve not only become my bestfriend but more. I’m able to talk about serious and out of this world weird things. You are cocky and stupid but I love it. It’s the perfect amount of maturity and immaturity I need in my life.  There’s moments of disagreeing but we handle everything well, we talk through everything and don’t hold onto it. It’s actually healthy even though in the eyes of others it’s a wack situation, but I’m happy. Happy with you in my life and later down the road I don’t even think I could regret this experience I’ve been able to have with you. I’m not giving up on it though and I have a feeling that down the road we will be something more, and have more in store for us but for now our friendship is what will carry us through.